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Safeguarding Young People

It is the policy of The Scout Association, and East Grinstead District Scouts to safeguard the welfare of all members by protecting them from physical, sexual and emotional harm.

For this reason, on this website:

  • Young people will NOT be easily identified.
  • We will NEVER give out their email or other contact details.
  • We will NEVER use their full names.
  • We WILL avoid using names at all if possible.


Parents/Guardians are to be given the opportunity not to have their child’s picture displayed on the Internet or used for other publicity purposes. This is not a legal requirement as the copyright of an image belongs to the photographer and not the subject. Nevertheless, it is considered good practice and good manners to seek parental approval. In some circumstances, we may rely on a ‘opt-out’ basis, where photographs include several  individuals and seeking the permission from each parent/guardian is considered too time consuming.

who will remove it immediatly.

Personal Details Supplied

Occasionally there may be time when users are asked to supply personal details. These details may include (but not limited to) email address, Name, Address & Telephone Numbers. In situations where such information is supplied, East Grinstead Scouts will only use this information for the intended purpose, and will never share your details with other organisations.

Log Files

Like any website, access to this web-server is logged for trending and fault analysis. You should be aware that it may be possible to identify you as a returning user of this website. As you access any website, technical information about your computer is usually stored on the Web server along with other details such as your operation system and web browser version. Also recorded is a record of what pages were visited etc. This information is only ever used to help improve the website and is never used for marketing or other purposes.


Some aspects of this website may rely on cookies. Cookies are small files used to store temporary data about your visit to a website. These cookies contain small amounts of data often essential to the correct operation of the website, for example, a cookie file could be something as simple as asking for a users name, and storing it in the cookie; so when they return to the site you can give a personalised greeting. Or it could hold the date a user last accessed the site all the pages that
updated since the last visit can be highlighted.

If you do not wish to allow this site to use cookies, you can configure your web browser to reject cookies.


This site may list links to other websites which may be associated or prove useful in relation to scouting. You should be aware that this Privacy Policy, only applies to this website, and the content of external sites is beyond the responsibility of East Grinstead District Scouts.


The views expressed in the website are not necessarily those of the Scout Association.

Copyright Statement

The content of this website is the copyright of East Grinstead District Scouts.