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Trustees of the Charity

Charity Number: 305849

  • Mr Melvin Fletcher – District Commissioner – 07399 292043
  • Mr Nick Hills – Chairman – 07816 513863
  • Mr Marcus Williams – Treasurer
  • Mr Peter Smith
  • Mr Lloyd Rose
  • Mr Brian Riches
  • Mr Jonathan Parrett

If you are looking for information on joining and membership, you can use the online Want2Join form, or you can telephone the membership & recruitment coordinator on 0845 475 5378

District Team


Email Address

District Commissioner
Melvin (Mel) Fletcher
Deputy District Commissioner
(Leader Training)
David Matthews
Deputy District Commissioner
Tony Baulch
District Network Coordinator
Jonny Parrett
District Chairman
Nick Hills
District Treasurer
Marcus Williams
Minute Secretary
Membership and Recruitment
(Want to Join)
Lynda Railton